Waveguide switch BJ70/BJ120/BJ220/BJ400/BJ740

Waveguide switch BJ70/BJ120/BJ220/BJ400/BJ740

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Waveguide switch BJ70/BJ120/BJ220/BJ400/BJ740

Waveguide switch is a commonly used device in microwave electronic equipment. Its function is to select microwave channels on demand and achieve high-quality transmission of signals. Compared with other microwave switches, electromechanical microwave waveguide switches have the characteristics of low standing wave, low insertion loss and large power capacity, and have been widely used in radar, electronic countermeasure and other systems.

Product Detail

Technical data

● Wideband:Working frequency up to 110GHz.
● DPDT waveguide switch can use as SPDT
● Frequency range: 5.8GHz~110GHz

● Low VSWR: ≤1.2@75GHz~110GHz
● High isolation: ≥70dB@75GHz~110GHz
● Small size
● High power type
● Manual electric integration

Selection model

The waveguide switch in the waveguide system can stop or distribute electromagnetic waves as required. It can be divided into electric waveguide switch and manual waveguide switch according to the driving mode, E-plane waveguide switch and H-plane waveguide switch according to the structure form. The basic materials of waveguide switch are copper and aluminum, and the surface treatment includes silver plating, gold plating, nickel plating, passivation, conductive oxidation and other treatment methods. Boundary dimensions, flanges, materials, surface treatment and electrical specifications of waveguide switches can be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome to contact our professional and good service sales team for more information.

Basic principle of waveguide transfer switch

Waveguide switch can be divided into electromechanical switch and ferrite switch according to its working mode. Electromechanical switch uses digital motor to drive the valve or rotor to rotate so as to turn off the microwave signal and switch channels. Ferrite switch is a kind of microwave ferrite device which is made of microwave ferrite materials with ferromagnetic characteristics and excitation circuit and can be controlled electrically. Compared with electromechanical switch, this product has the characteristics of fast conversion speed, high phase shifting accuracy and stable working state.

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