USB/LAN Miniaturized switch matrix series

USB/LAN Miniaturized switch matrix series

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USB/LAN Miniaturized switch matrix series

Working frequency: DC-67GHz

RF interface type: N/SMA/2.92/1.85 Female

Life cycle: 2 million times

Size: Customized

Voltage: 12V/24V

Control type: USB, LAN

Provide complete control instructions

The matrix combination can contain any number of SPDT or SPnT switches, which can be combined arbitrarily

Product Detail

Product feature of this series

● Small size.
● Flexible and convenient switch combination.
● High cost performance.
● Remote control interface and instructions provided.


Laboratory small test
Automatic test equipment
Automatic path switching


The purpose of the switch matrix is to control the opening and closing of the circuit. The signal switch system in automatic test equipment is usually composed of two or more matrix switches, which are connected according to various interface standards to form flexible switching from test resources to UUT.

Overall configuration of switch

The design principle of switch matrix is modular division and configuration according to functions, and corresponding to the definition of automatic test system signal port, which is conducive to the expansion of interface and the formation of modular test system structure. In the actual switch system design, multiple switch topologies are often used to form a hybrid switch system, which can flexibly configure and cascade various modular switch resources to form an efficient structure to meet the test needs.

Example 4 × 4 Matrix switch and 4 multiplexers of 1 out of 10 are cascaded × 40 hybrid switch system structure, which can effectively expand the number of input/output channels of the matrix switch. The disadvantage is that this structure cannot achieve a complete 4 × 40 Any switching between channels. For example, when channel A has been connected to channel 0, channels B, C, D, etc. cannot be connected to channels 1 to 9 in this multiplex switch module. The hybrid switch structure is an economically considered switch channel expansion scheme, which can be grouped according to different timing requirements of detection/excitation signals to achieve channel switching between UUT test point groups and test instruments.


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