Miniaturized Switch Matrix

Miniaturized Switch Matrix

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Miniaturized Switch Matrix

1. Small size
2. Cost performance
3. Touch screen design
4. Simple operation
5. Provide remote control interface and instructions

1. Laboratory test
2. Automatic Test Equipment
3. Production Line Test

ltem Specifications Note
Ins.loss of any single link <0.5dB DC-18GHz
Subject to switch selection
VSWR of any single link <1.6
lsolation between any two ports ≥70dB


Switch Sequence: DC-67GHz(Customizable Design)
Matrix Combination: Include Several SPDT, SPnT(Customizable Design)
RF Connector: SMA/N/3.5/2.92/2.4/1.85 Female(Customizable Design)
Actuator Voltage: DC 24V(Customizable Design)
Impedance: 50Ω
Mechanical Life Cycles: 2 Million Cycles(Cold Switching, Switch Type Association)
Size: 150mm×110mm×60mm(Customizable Design)
Driver:Remote Control: USB, LAN, Provide Complete Control Instructions
Single Channel Conduction Time: ≤30ms (Matrix Combination Form Association)

Product Size

Miniaturized switch matrix selection table