Miniaturized SP6T Coaxial switch

Miniaturized SP6T Coaxial switch

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Miniaturized SP6T Coaxial switch

The core advantage of miniaturized single pole six throw coaxial switch is small size. For this product, we miniature the weight to 120g. The weight of the corresponding common SP6T coaxial switch is 260g. The small size can ensure our product to be used in specific environment. And it also has good parameter index, such as low VSWR, low Insert loss and high isolation. Welcome to contact and for more detail.

Product Detail

Product feature

5V/12V/24V/28V power supply
Position indication function optional
D Type 15pin connector or PIN connector
Standard or TTL electrical level drive
Small size


Miniaturized single pole six throw coaxial switch
Working frequency: DC-18/40GHz/43GHz/50GHz/53GHz
RF Connector: Female SMA/2.92mm/2.4mm/1.85mm

RF performance

High isolation: larger than 80 dB at 18GHz, larger than 70dB at 40GHz, larger than 60dB at 53GHz;
Low VSWR: less than 1.3 at 18GHz, less than 1.9 at 40GHz, less than 2.00 at 53GHz;
Low Ins.less: less than 0.4dB at 18GHz, less than 0.9dB at 40GHz, less than 1.1 dB at 53GHz.

RF retest stability and longer service life

Insertion loss repeat test stability: 0.02dB at 18GHz, 0.03dB at 40GHz, 0.06dB at 53GHz;
Ensure 2 million times life cycle(Single channel circle 2 million times).

Customer praise

Enterprise customer- Emma: We purchased RF switch to use in our mobile phone test system. This kind of switch is necessary in our testing system. DB's goods is worked well. The delivery dates is fast. I am willing to purchase again from them.

Collage customer- Lee: DB's products are with high accuracy, stable quality. And they can provide customer design service to make the goods more suitable for our exiting system, which makes us a loyal customer.

Institution customer- Micheal: We pay more attention to the stability of products. DB's products have completely inspection before delivery, which makes us satisfied.

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