110GHz series coaxial adapter

110GHz series coaxial adapter

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110GHz series coaxial adapter

110G series millimeter wave coaxial adapter

Working frequency: DC-110GHz

Inner conductor: beryllium bronze gold plating

Outer conductor: Stainless steel passivation

Product Detail

Brief introduction

The 110GHz RF coaxial adapter is a millimeter wave component. Due to the high working frequency of millimeter wave elements, they are not easy to be intercepted and interfered; Wide frequency band, suitable for high-speed transmission of super large capacity signals; It has strong penetration ability of fog, cloud and dust and the ability to maintain communication in the nuclear explosion environment, and can be widely used in modern information integrated electronic systems such as millimeter wave communication and radar systems. Internationally, coaxial millimeter wave components have gradually replaced expensive and bulky waveguide components in the DC-110GHz frequency band.

The 110GHz RF adapter has several obvious characteristics: first, the working frequency of the connector is close to the cut-off frequency of the air coaxial line of the same specification, which determines that the air coaxial structure should be used inside the connector as much as possible, and the impact on the inevitable dielectric support and inner conductor structure should be reduced. Secondly, the inner conductor adopts a polar pinhole structure, because it will cause many difficulties to use non-polar plane contact in the case of small size.

Product feature

High precision

Test curve

High precisionSS

Key data of coaxial adapter

Characteristic impedance
Like other microwave devices, the characteristic impedance is a very important index, which directly affects the standing wave ratio, operating frequency and insertion loss. Common connector characteristic impedances are 50 ohms and 75 ohms.

Operating frequency range
The lower cut-off frequency of RF coaxial connector is zero, and its upper working frequency is generally 95% of the cut-off frequency. The operating frequency depends on the structure of the connector. The maximum operating frequency of coaxial connector can reach 110GHz.

VSWR is defined as the ratio of the maximum and minimum values of the voltage on the transmission line. VSWR is one of the most important indicators of a connector, which is usually used to measure the quality of a connector.

Durability of connector (plugging life)
For the test cable assembly, the service life of the connector means that the VSWR and insertion loss of the cable assembly shall remain within the range specified in the product manual after the specified number of plugs and unplugs.

RF performance

Low VSWR: less than 1.35 at 110GHz

Excellent durability performance

Durability>500 times

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