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Transmission or conversion of high-power signals

SPDT N High Power Series
SP3T-6T N High Power Series
SP7T-8T N High Power Series
SP9T-10T N High Power Series
DPDT N High Power Series
SPDT SC High Power Series
SP3T-6T SC High Power Series

Base station antenna test

Multi port antennas (such as MIMO base station antennas) need to measure relevant RF indicators for many times during their R&D and production. The traditional manual test is inefficient and time-consuming. It is convenient to improve the test efficiency. It is required to equip a multi port antenna automatic test system to provide a complete set of automatic measurement solutions when mass production. The system consists of antenna test fixture, multi port switch matrix, vector network analyzer and automatic test software.

DPDT 18GHz series
SPDT load 18GHz series
SP3T-6T load 18GHz series

High speed cable automatic test system

High-speed cable automatic test system is based on the multi port switch matrix combined with the vector network analyzer,using highly customized test fixture to convert the object to be tested into a standard RF interface. The multi port RF switch matrix and high-performance amplitude and phase stabilized RF cable are used to form a test path, and all paths of the entire product are tested through RF path switching.

SPDT Load 26.5/40/50GHz series
SP3T-6T Load 26.5/40/50GHz series
SP8T Load 26.5/40GHz series

Terminal wireless test

RF consistency test system of terminal equipment combines the actual test requirements, based on the latest 3GPP test cases, adopts modular design, and is integrated with general instruments, automatic RF management unit (including switch matrix and automatic trap group), highly integrated automatic test software, covering all 2G/3G/4G/5G frequency bands, and can test all TX/RX protocol requirements and test indicators.

SPDT Series
SP3T-6T Series
SP7T-8T Series
SP9T-10T Series